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Journal Of Ratchasuda College, Research
and Development of Persons With Disabilities

Vol.12 January - December 2016

Research Articles

1. The Development of Autistic's Guardians Competency in Behavior Modification for Autistic

2. Current State, Vocational Needs of Disabilities and Case study of Persons with Autism

3. Development of Web-based Instruction with the Participated Video's Media on Learning Plan of Subject, "Beautiful Flower with Young's Hand" for Hearing Impaired Students

4. The Development of Teacher's Learning Management in Special Education by using Folk Games and Activities for Social Skills Development of Children with Autism in Inclusive School

5. Music Therapy for People with Cerebral Palsy: A systematic Review

6.The Use of Music Therapy Interventions to Improve Pre-Reading Skills and Reduce Off-Task Behaviors during Reading Tasks of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders

7. The Correlation of the Female Physical Ideal on Self Esteem in Women with Physical Disability and Mobility Impairment in Lampang Province

8. A RFID system for supporting persons with visual impairment in traveling

9. Promoting Leisure Experience for Developing Well-being of People with Visual Impairment

10 .Case Management for Persons with Disabilities Service Center

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* Opinion, information and conclusion in the articles are from journals' writers. It does not imply that publication department agreed for all contents.