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Master Programs

Photo of  Graduate Students

1. Master of Arts (Rehabilitation Science for Persons with Disabilities)

The program aims to produce graduates with knowledge in rehabilitation science for persons with disabilities which represents integration of multidiscipline areas such as sociology, education, psychology, science and education technology. Graduates will acquire knowledge and skills in rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and quality of life development on the basis of moral and ethics, disability rights and equality as well as human dignity

  • 1. Rehabilitation Counseling
  • 2. Rehabilitation Administration
  • 3. Assistive Technology
  • 4. Blind and Low Vision Rehabilitation

2. Master of Education (Education for Persons with Special Needs)

The multidisciplinary knowledge is applied to arrange teaching and learning for enhancing the potential of persons with special needs in every aspect.

The program is emphasis on adjustment of the graduate student's perspective to disabilities by providing the knowledge of various fields, such as formal and non-formal education, psychology, music, technology, and sign language etc. including management and leadership skills, virtue, morality, and professional ethics.